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life as a religious allegory

Monica Robinson

begins with

confessional dinner; admissions

of our sins over

              green beans


              boiled potatoes.

forgiveness is

              singed fingertips

              on the pan



stories of our travels when

we were apart, until you showed up


               on my doorstep

again. inside of stolen

mugs we find the quiet

peace that fills the next morning’s

worship bed, inside

               books we find ourselves, holy

-er than we once thought, and

inside an action repeated

                           we find a ritual, communion

is in the piano keys, candle—

              prayers are given

at the fence-facing window, and

Jesus still died for our

unremarkable in-betweens;

               this mundane worship

               that finds God in fresh laundry

               and makes divinity

out of soft light and a warm bed,

a sweet sleep

without dreams.

About the Author

Monica Robinson is an experimental poet, fiction writer, and artist, combining mediums to create fresh works of exploratory literature. She is the author of Exit Wounds, EARTH IS FULL; GO BACK HOME, and bury me in iron and ivy: a midwestern gothic. You can find the remainder of her portfolio at Monica currently resides in Philadelphia with her partner, her husky, and a library's worth of books crammed into one small apartment.

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