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Dear Body


**content warning: discussion of body image and weight**

                   Dear Body, I am profoundly sorry.

               It was not until now that I am witnessing 

         your comeliness. I was fed poisonous lies that led

      me to believe what "perfection" defined. As a result, I

  foolishly believed them. I tortured you. I betrayed you. All

because I wanted to fit into society's norms. All so I could fit    

   the outward description of "beauty." The mirror that I

        once used to admire myself in became my exe- 

            cutioner. The digit on the scale became

                 my imperious & revolting referee.

                      I was so infatuated by the 

                           concept of fitting

                              in that I never 


                                 how much

                             harm I was cau-

                         sing to you. As I've

                   reflected on my body image,

               I deeply regret all the negligence I

           adopted when it came to you. Instead of

       embracing your flaws, they became the bane of

     my existence. However, my pride no longer engenders 

    the “ideal” configuration. Every single one of your flaws

compose a polychromatic canvas; one that specifically sets me

  apart. Regardless of what I've come to learn, I once again apol-

      ogize for everything I've done. I'm sorry for not leaving

            you be. I'm sorry for not setting you free.

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