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Poetry and prose submissions are currently being considered for Issue 05. The deadline to be considered for Issue 05 is 09.01.2022 and our release date is 10.15.2022. Please read the guidelines before submitting. Thank you!

General Guidelines

Things that make us excited: We’re always fond of any form of work, whether it be speculative fiction or a haibun, so long as you commit to your piece: we want feeling, we want bold experimentation, we want works that are your best and most perfected, and that takes us beyond the stars. We want your funky formatting and unique forms that you think have never been seen before. We want the powerful supernovas, the profound pieces of your heart, and the polished galaxies you craft and take us through. If you truly love your piece(s) and have tucked pieces of yourself into them, we promise we’ll love them just as dearly!

Things that make us wary: Hard sells for us include gratuitous and glorifying descriptions of sex, sexual assault, violence, self-harm, suicide, and/or abuse. However, we do recognize and understand the need for catharsis through writing, and if your work falls under this category, we firmly ask that you include a trigger/content warning at the top of your submission. On a similar note, some of our Interstellar team members are minors. As such, please do not submit any overly sexually explicit or NSFW works. All such pieces will be rejected without notice and feedback.

For submissions to be considered for publication, they must not have been previously published elsewhere. We reserve First Serial and Electronic Rights to every piece we publish. After publication, these rights will revert back to the author. However, we request that the author credits Interstellar Literary Review as the work's first home.


If you would like to submit multiple pieces of writing (limit of 2 poems and/or 2 prose pieces per issue), please upload them as separate files. Regardless of whether or not the piece was accepted for publication, feedback of all work will be given within 1 month. However, submissions with multiple works or submissions received closer to the deadline may take a bit longer. We welcome queries after 6 weeks have passed! Additionally, please note that we are a nonprofit magazine, and thus, we are unable to pay our contributors at this time.


  • Poetry: 1-2 poems, each poem not exceeding more than 100 lines. 

  • Prose: 1-2 works, each work not exceeding 2500 words.

  • Minimum word count: 50 words.


All poetry and prose submissions must be in​

  • English

  • Black and white

  • Arial, 12-point font

  • A Google Doc, titled as (genre)_(firstname)_(lastname)_(title)

    • ex: poetry_Robert_Frost_The Road Not Taken


We at Interstellar also do not tolerate bigotry in any form whatsoever. If your work takes part in any form of hate such as homophobia, transphobia, racism, anti-blackness, ableism, or similar discriminatory speech or mindsets, your work will be rejected without notice and feedback. Hate speech is never acceptable, and we won’t entertain submissions that contain such.

To our readers: if you believe a contributor or a work you see in our issue is of any concern, please do not hesitate to contact us. We hope to maintain an honest and safe literary space, especially for minorities and historically marginalized communities, and to always carry ourselves with integrity as a responsible member of the community.

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