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Sunny Vuong

Editor-in-Chief   |   Texas, US

Sunny is a second generation Vietnamese-American writer, whose recent works are featured or forthcoming in perhappened mag, FEED, and Eunoia Review, among others. In addition to serving as Interstellar's founding EIC, Sunny is also on the editorial staff of three other literary magazines. Outside of writing, she is an avid soccer player. She also adores the Oxford comma, irony, and a missed opportunity. Find her on twitter @sunnyvwrites.


Anoushka Kumar

Managing Editor   |   India

Anoushka Kumar (she/her) is a student and writer from India, with work forthcoming or published in perhappened mag, Eunoia Review, Heritage Review, Incandescent Review, Ayaskala, and elsewhere. She likes wood-panelled flooring and Phoebe Bridgers. Find her at

Erin Ye

Executive Editor   |   New York, US

Erin is a high school junior and has been writing poetry since she was six years old. Her work has been awarded by the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards (2020) and she also manages a personal writing blog at Erin’s work tends to be personal, reflective, and based in the linguistic quality of words. Fluent in English, Spanish, and Chinese, along with learning Latin and French, she occasionally writes in different languages, and her work has been published in the Polyglot Perspective.

Natasha Lim

Executive Editor   |   Singapore

Natasha is a psychology student from Singapore who writes poetry and prose. Her work is forthcoming or published in the Blue Marble Review and the Galliard International Review, among others. In her spare time, she enjoys drinking copious amounts of coffee and reading books that make her cry.

Mia Golden

Staff Editor   |   California, US

Mia is a teen poet from California with a plant obsession (she has five, and more on the way!) and too many movie quotes floating around in her head. She is published or forthcoming in perhappened mag, all guts no glory, Pollux Journal, Blue Marble Review, Eunoia Review, Indigo Lit, and more! She hopes you have a wonderful day!

Ai Li Feng

Staff Editor   |   East Coast, US

Ai Li is a lover of language. Entranced by etymology and mesmerized by mythology, she is studying Latin, Ancient Greek, and the works of writers such as Plutarch and Herodotus. She is also in love with the stars, adores the sea, and aches for the sky, wishing for waxen wings like Icarus. The editor-in-chief of Indigo Lit, her work is also featured or forthcoming in perhappened mag, Pollux Journal, and Blue Marble Review, among others. Find her on Twitter @ailiwrites.

Sena Rose

Staff Editor   |   East Coast, US

Sena is a teen from the East Coast with deeply cliche big city dreams. She writes poetry but favors songwriting, which she plans to pursue as a career. She plays guitar, bass, ukulele, lap steel, and banjo. Her favorite things include rainy days, coffee with a splash of milk, and blazers. Her work is published or forthcoming in Teen Ink, Sad Girl Review, and Cobra Milk.

Lulu Kimmel-Miner

Staff Editor   |   California, US

LuLu is a junior living in California, perpetually writing about cities and women, stress baking, sending mail art, and reading with her cat. She is also an editor for the Junebug Journal and has pieces published or forthcoming in Yellow Paint Magazine, Palette Point, Potted Purple, and Ice Lolly Review. Her favorite authors include Sappho, Emily Dickinson, and Robert Frost. She has a writing account @luluwrites111.

Ellie McCullough

Staff Editor   |   Canada

Ellie is a seventeen-year-old writer and artist from Canada. She is interested in poetry and prose, as well as singing, dancing, songwriting, and acting, the latter of which she will pursue as a career. She adores her dog, and enjoys taking him for walks in the rain. Ellie can usually be found writing, sipping tea, playing her ukulele, memorizing scripts, reading, running, or patting her dog.

Sonal K

Staff Editor   |   India

Sonal is a teen writer from India. Her favourite writers include Mary Oliver, Anne Sexton, and Jonas Jonasson. She’s a Youth Ambassador for the Young India Foundation, which works for youth empowerment and political education. In her free time, she enjoys painting, tending to her plants, and annoying fascists.

Tho Nguyen

Staff Editor   |   California, US

Tho is a sophomore from California. She is the EIC of m-Power, an organization focused on educating the next generation about breakthroughs in STEM. Tho also plays clarinet in her school’s marching band. In her spare time, she loves to practice calligraphy, read fiction, and write.

Chase McDaniel

Staff Editor   |   Utah, US

Chase is a writer from Utah. He has been writing about the stars and what lies among them since he was very young. A lover of most things fantasy and science fiction, he has years of personal experience with both genres. He is currently working towards a master’s degree in psychology. Also known for his many nicknames, including “smug/stoic baby” and “lion mom,” he answers to many titles.

Jaiden Thompson

Staff Editor   |   Washington, US

Jaiden is a young poet from Washington state. They love writing, acting, baking, and being a bit social justice warrior (whether expressed through poetic words, or snappy retorts to bigotry). Their poetry has been published in the Heritage Review, the Aurora Review, Kalopsia Lit, and a handful of other literary journals. Jaiden’s inspirations include Ocean Vuong, Madeline Miller, and Lemony Snicket. Check them out on twitter @jaibird_writes.


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