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ELEGY (iv.)

Ari Lohr

the moment 

the flame is white & screaming 

& Icarus surrenders to gravity, 

what left is there to do 

but succumb to the vicious heat

above the ocean’s 

brisk and gruesome casket?

beneath the flame, Icarus

shuts his eyes & counts down.


though he’s still airborne,

his legs are dressed by

the desperate

and swift climb

of the moist air around him.


he knows he won't survive,

but he’s unsure 

what will kill him first:

the impact

or the baptism that follows.


he holds his breath anyway.


what a meticulous and 

wicked god. Icarus opens his

eyes and wonders if he, too, 

was ever an astronaut.

after all,

why else choose to fly

if not for the temporary escape of gravity?


the wind is saturated in ash 

& smoke. he stops counting,

but sees the waves grow larger.


Icarus eyes the sea,

& then

About the Author

Ari Lohr is a wannabe-astronaut-turned-poet attending university in Boston, MA. He is a Brave New Voices semifinalist, and has performed at various regional slams such as Slamlandia, Portland Poetry Slam, Verselandia, and more. Focusing on the symbiotic relationship between gravity, mental health, queer love, and grief, Ari’s poetry has been published in the Big Windows Review, Kalopsia Lit, and Incandescent Review, and is set to appear in various publications in 2021. He is also the managing editor for the Bitter Fruit Review magazine, and the editor-in-chief of the Jupiter Review. Ari can be found at or @i.o.jupiter on instagram.

ELEGY (iv.): Text

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