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The Porch Conversation

Aura Martin

Cento from “A Map to the Next World”, “Conflict Resolution for Holy Beings”, “Don’t Bother the Earth Spirit”,  “Eagle Poem”, and “Everybody Has a Heartache: A Blues” by Joy Harjo & Maud's Line by Margaret Verble

Maud spent her day doing chores and reading. The buzz of insects, chicken arguments, cow complaints, and the sound of Mr. Singer’s tractors. Nan was letting out hems in pairs of overalls.

Maud’s temper rose. She was sick to death of dirt, sick of chickens, sick of guns and snakes. She was tired of men moving around when they took a mind to, tired of them laying out.

The breeze had come up from the river and cooled the evening down. She went to the front porch and sat in a rocker.

Everybody has a heartache, Nan nodded. The soul is a wanderer with many hands and feet. We must take the utmost care and kindness in all things. You will have to endure earthquakes, lightning, the deaths of all those you love. We will all find our way. There’s a whole world out there, Maud, back over those curved roads.

They turned their heads to see who was coming.

About the Author

Aura Martin is a writer from Missouri. She is the author of the chapbook, Those Embroidered Suns (Lazy Adventurer Publishing) and the micro-chapbook, Thumbprint Lizards (Maverick Duck Press). Her poems have appeared in EX/POST MAGAZINE, Kissing Dynamite, perhappened mag, and elsewhere. In Aura’s free time, she likes to run and take road trips. Find her on Twitter @instamartin17.

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