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Shot #9: Failed Duplex


If I am the worst, why does the universe keep blessing me?

Is it because my grandmother prays every night?

When my grandmother prays every night,

she calls me a name I’ve never known for myself.

When faith felt dark & I didn’t know myself,

I thought surely god isn’t sending her to voicemail.

The voicemail I have now is a formality

for those that don’t know me & my grandmother.

My voice tenors on stages brighter than the moon

standing cute next to gorgeous at midnight. My name

lays at bay while I wonder why

the universe keeps blessing me.

About the Author

KB is a Black queer nonbinary miracle. They are the author of the chapbook HOW TO IDENTIFY YOURSELF WITH A WOUND (Kallisto Gaia Press, 2022), winner of the 2021 Saguaro Poetry Prize. They are a 2021 PEN America Emerging Voices fellow. Follow them online at @earthtokb.

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