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Aura Martin

Cento from “ghosts gleaming in the morning”, “Metamorphosis: A Crown of Crow Feathers”, “Moth Wings”, “TO YOU, TWO THOUSAND LIGHT-YEARS LATER”, and “the geography of migration” by Laura Ma, “The Galloping Thing” by Chen Chen, “A Clearing by a Stream” and “Anxiety about dying” by Alicia Ostriker & “The Belladonna of Sadness” by Sally Wen Mao

It is raining and everything’s blooming. You hum a requiem, and work in your medium of paper on paper. You’re worried, you explain, about the ratio of pageantry to melancholy. I have poets humming their songs in and out my veins, making bitter poetry and hard prose. I confess in these pages, I have a thousand questions. Will I still be waiting? Will I still be yearning? Will my desires still be unsatisfied, my human potential remain unrealized? What impels the mind to soar forth? Don’t you feel just headoverthemoonheels to be making something? Witness how the sun rises, how the parched hills will bloom with the spring rain.

I am stretched thin like gossamer and silk, ethereal in my lack of living. How then can we expect to satisfy our hearts with seeing? Will I still be searching? For the love of god, I cannot stop wondering.

We are not so driftless on this earth. This is where our friendship begins, hands intertwined.

Do not say all things shall come to an end. It is much too early for that.

About the Author

Aura Martin is a writer and interviewer from Missouri. She is the author of two poetry books, with a third forthcoming from ELJ Editions in 2022. Aura’s work has appeared in Burning Jade, Southchild Lit, Wrongdoing Magazine, and elsewhere. In her free time, she likes to run, take road trips, and read submissions at Flypaper Lit. Find Aura on Twitter @instamartin17.

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