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Grace Liu

watch: I am carving a hellish heart out of dirt-

freckled gold. still learning to pluck overripe

strawberries while trampling poppies, footsteps

like thunder. august knocks on my door and

finds me draped in cotton coated clouds

exchanging apologies, discovering tragedy

the way feverish wanderers greet stars. you trace

Shakespeare into tree bark, sealing your swear

with freckled sap. they say porcupines learned to

purge from the cupped cartography palmed

with syrup. always greedy for more, yet we are

dancing under a dripping sun as honeybees

do, whispering isn’t this lovely? to be yearned for &

forgotten. I weave spills of foliage into your braids

and point out a naked reflection muddled in algae,

ebbing, too fickle to be destiny. I think I am dying.

About the Author

Grace Liu is a young writer from Michigan. Her work has been recognized by The Poetry Society UK, Leyla Beban Young Authors Foundation, and more. You can find her on Twitter at @graceewrites, where she tweets about almond butter and occasionally her writing.

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