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My Falling Star

D.R. Humble

The separation of our charges—

an electrostatic lifeblood

pulsing through illuminated capillaries—

suffocates space.

The distance—

between you

and me,

from the sky

to the ground—


For a moment I see you—

quicksilver melting into eyes,

calling to me in flashes

as lightning strikes—

once in a blue moon.

From your planet

                                     to mine.

About the Author

D.R. Humble is a recent graduate from Waldorf University. Her writing and photography can be found in Z Publishing’s Minnesota’s Top Emerging Poets, Turnpike Magazine, Capulet Mag, and is the 2018 recipient of Alpha Chi Honor Society's Creative Writing presentation prize. She's currently pursuing a MA in Communication at the University of South Dakota.

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