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still, on the ark

Yap Xin Yi

We look for an answer in the wavering river

where the distant ducks tell time

where the early moon stutters. 

Lonelier than watery echoes 

these circling thoughts steal closer—

abandon, outrun, relinquish.

Let go the moments that linger like shadows.

Up. And go. Up, and forgo. 

Will I go back

to who I was?

This vast silence. Nothingness.

Watch. Listen. The waves are too still;

my heart is too ambitious. 

In the spent hours our edges warp

to dissolve in the waters.

Lost in our anxieties is the drunk river

and the drowned moon.

About the Author

Xin Yi is currently in the pursuit of fulfillment. She loves every shade of blue and enjoys learning a little more than what she knew yesterday. You can find her moseying along blogging about poetry, photography, and life. Her works were published in the All in! Snackable Fiction Anthology 2017 and the Write the World literary journal.

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