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The Things We Think Before Sleeping

Maggie Tse

If only we could rearrange the sky; sketch mountains with stars like connect-the-dots, keep the moon upright and centre for everyone to see its phases... Tint the sun every colour of the rainbow and then some, just for the heck of it. We could learn to follow the lunar cycle instead of this Gregorian travesty, this looming Mayan apocalypse fiasco. In the year of 2012 we thought the world would end; whether it truly did or not still remains to be seen. If our days were awash in the LED colours we've been taping to our ceilings, would we feel any more alive? 

Or would we miss the clarity found in the pale, millet yellow warmth of the sun? Would we miss the certainty of our moon and stars as they make their way across the night skies, like royalty pulled by chariots or the deities cursed to steer? 

The moon and stars laugh gently at my musings. They have their own cycles to attend to, they remind me, no matter how deeply we wish otherwise. Furthermore, they were never ours to change in the first place; they’ve always held their own, in ways we’re still learning to. Even if the sky was open to the idea, we’ve lost the instructions for doing so. No one bothered to write them down last time—no one considered them necessary. Well, maybe they were right. 

Besides, remember how we used to believe the universe revolved solely around us? And remember how it turned out to be just us, after all—just us, whose heads were spinning.

About the Author

Maggie Tse is an emerging Chinese-Canadian poet and writer. She is also a graduate of Ryerson University and holds a Bachelors of Social Work. Currently she lives in Toronto. If one were to look, one might find her musings on Instagram at @magswrotethat

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